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About Cliff's Taxidermy in Plainfield, IL

Hello and thanks for visiting my website, Cliff's Taxidermy. I'm Cliff, I have been practicing taxidermy for over half my life. I have been in business since 1995 and became a full time taxidermist in 2005. When the decision to go full time was made, my business grew in volume every year. Repeat customers and word of mouth has put me into a level of work that went far beyond my expectations. Throughout these years I have made many new friends and relationships, and have been a valuable asset to many hunters and fisherman. Please don't think I am boasting in this bio! Of course it is a sales avenue to try to get your interest. As you'll see I have nothing to hide and will be up-front and honest about any and all your questions and concerns. HONESTY IS MY POLICY! I have been honored to have customers bring me work from halfway around the world such as Africa and New Zealand. I have customers shipping work to me from Texas, Florida, Arizona, Michigan's upper peninsula, and Pennsylvania. WOW! That makes me very proud that they would choose someone so far away.
I have been asked by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to do work for them along with work done for TV producers for commercials, and believe it or not, asked to be on a season of “Wife Swap”! Thanks, but no thanks… customers come first. I have the confidence that I can open up my past records from day one and you could call any past customer and get a good referral.

My facility is a small work shop near my home which allows me to keep my rates VERY REASONABLE, and I am a one-man operation (besides my wife Christine who does all the computer work, etc.) This also keeps me in tune with each and every job, and gives me the flexibility to work around your hours for your convenience. I have had a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE since day one of doing taxidermy.
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When your mount is picked up I will go over it with you with a fine tooth comb and flashlight to brag about all the detail work that I put into it. For example – nictitating membranes in all eyes including rebuilding the eye lash follicles, rebuilding nose pads including deep sinus cavities along with septum's that have blood vessels, and inner ear detail is completed. Commercial tanning is used on all my mounts which gives excellent stretch on all hides and also keeps all seams nice and tight.

No job is too big or too small. I have done animals as small as field mice and as large as ten foot brown bears. Restorations, rehabs, remounts, cleaning/maintenance, freeze drying, bone cleaning, hydrographics, skin mount and reproduction fish and reptiles, habitat, woodworking, on and on and on. Give me call and I will get it done for you. My turn around usually never exceeds 9 months. The average is 6 to 7 months but rush service is possible.
Thanks for checking me out and hope to see you in “The Shop” soon.